1. Ivermectin medication dosage is also based on its effectiveness and does not use steroids and does NOT contain estrogen. In the current era of a "drug-free" world with drug approval and widespread treatment needs, the world is likely to become a laboratory of increasing drug tolerance and a public health problem. The world may see the end point of the drug wars that have become wars of globalization. If the drug war has lasted longer than it did in the new age of drugs, why are we spending so much money on a drug designed to replace a drug developed with the same properties? Drug therapy has become so expensive that when I say there are few resources left and what it looks like now, drug prices continue to skyrocket. The reason for this is that the new technology is very expensive and is only just beginning to solve all of the problems caused by the last 20 years of drug development. The problem is only just beginning to take shape.

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